How to Access Your Gmail messages with Outlook

Retrieving messages sent to your Gmail account in Outlook requires preparing Gmail and then Outlook. After you have enabled IMAP in Gmail, you can set the account up in Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook and go to File.
  2. Select Add Account. The Add Account window opens.
    Screenshot showing Add Account button
  3. In the Email Address text box, enter your Gmail email address.
    Screenshot of Add Account window with Email Address field
  4. Select Connect.
    Screenshot of Connect button on Add Account window
  5. Enter your Gmail password, then select Connect.
    Screenshot of Password field
  6. Wait while Outlook connects with your Gmail account.

Connect Gmail and Outlook Manually

If the automatic setup does not work properly, set up Gmail manually in Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook.
  • Select File.
  • Select Add Account. The Add Account window opens.
    Screenshot of Add Account button on Info page
  • Select Advanced Options.
    Screenshot of Advanced Options link
  • Select Let Me Set Up My Account Manually.
    Screenshot of Set Up Account Manually
  • Enter your email address, then select Connect.
    Screenshot of email address
  • Select IMAP.
    Screenshot of Advanced Setup
  • Enter your password, then select Connect.
  • Select Change Account Settings.
    Screenshot of Change Account Settings
  • Enter the following information into the IMAP Account Settings text box.
    Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server SSL: YesPort: 993
    Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server SSL: YesRequires TLS: Yes (if available)

    Requires Authentication: Yes

    Port for SSL: 465

    Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587

    Full Name or Display Name Your name
    Account Name, User name, or Email address Your full email address
    Password Your Gmail password 
  • Select Connect and wait while Outlook connects with your Gmail account.
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